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No surprises. Just fun. If it can go wrong, it already has. I have a solution. Relax. Enjoy your big day.


I love what I do so much that I will gladly meet with you to talk about your special day! No strings attached.


You pick the songs. I’ll arrange and mix it.


More than an emcee (MC). Live guitar performance. Planning. Energy. Reading the crowd. Professionalism. I’ve spent my whole life studying music, music history, music theory, live sound, and live performance.


Want to hear classical guitar play Pachelbel’s Canon in D, Mendelssohn’s Wedding March, a Bach Cello Suite? I can do that.


I’m willing to play any event…weddings are my forté.


Did an Entertainment Corp. tell you they would assign you a DJ just 30 days before your event? The only reason an associate would DJ your event is if I get sick the day of your wedding. So far that hasn’t happened.

faq: frequently asked questions

What makes me different from my competitors? Passion – A lifetime dedicated to the study of music, music history, music theory, live sound, and live performance.  I am not a DJ. I am a music producer and guitarist. Weddings require a lot of planning, energy, engineering, arrangement, reading the crowd, and professionalism.  No one searches for “best wedding music producer,” so I use conventional vernacular. Live Performance – If you want a live guitar played at the ceremony or during the reception I can provide that! I care – I want your wedding to be the best day of your life!  Together, we’ll go thru the events and times with a fine tooth comb to ensure everything runs smoothly. I like to think I care about this part of your wedding more than you do. I’ve trained my whole life to to blow you away on your wedding day.

How involved can we be in selecting music for our event?  Can I send you a playlist?  You have as much involvement as you want. You can make a call and let me take that off your plate, or choose every song you hear.  Once you reserve the date, I’ll share online planning forms so you and your fiancé can fill out your “Event Timeline”, “Reception and/or Ceremony Planning Forms” and you can add songs to your “Do Not Play”, “Play If Possible”, and “Must Play” lists. Around the 30 day mark we’ll meticulously review all of the details in the forms together.

Will you personally be the DJ for our event?  Yes! From the initial consult, thru the last song, I will be there.

Will you help keep the event moving along? Yes, I’ll MC, do all the introductions and any announcements you’d like.  By the final consult, everyone knows what to expect and there are no surprises or disappointments.

Do you have Spanish speaking DJs? Hablas español?  Claro!  Puedo hacer todos los anuncios en Español, Inglés, o ambos!  Háblame para saber mas!

What is your price structure?  Your event’s specific needs will have a specific price.  The basic 4 hour package starts at $795. Most customers pay a bottom line of $1995.  Take advantage of the free consult and I’ll send you a quote within 24 hours.

About DJ Power Serg



usic is a language of the soul. I am convinced music could explain the color purple to someone born blind. I am blessed to experience the world thru music and LOVE sharing that joy with others. I have dedicated my whole life to the study of music theory, music history, and performance.

In my early years, I realized that even though I could shred a guitar, it didn’t move people unless it had soul. I knew then, I wanted everything I do to have feel, to have soul, to move people.

As a performer and technician since 1995, I’ve worked and played shows with Jason Mraz, the guys from Weezer, The Flobots, Filter, and countless more. As a child, I trained classically and then in college I studied all the great composers. However, I don’t consider these achievements to be what sets me apart as a DJ. What sets me apart is how desperately I want your night to run smoothly, and move people.

customer reviews
rock guitar teacher
  • Sergio played at our wedding during our ceremony and did an awesome job! He was easy to work with and took care of all of the technical details of set up with ease. I would definitely recommend him

    The Camps
    The Camps
  • Excellence is his goal and he achieves it. I unreservedly recommend him

    Sheldon Joyner
    Sheldon Joyner Professor
  • Sergio Paulo was incredibly professional and friendly as the DJ for our wedding. He made everything very easy, amongst the chaos of planning a wedding. He completely worked around our schedule and went above and beyond what we asked.

    The Peddys
    The Peddys
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