Electric Guitar, Bass, and Acoustic Guitar Repair Rates

*Strings = $8 for 6 string D’addario or bring your own


$15 + Strings

12 string $25 + Strings

Basic set up $50 + Strings.  A basic set up is like a tune-up for a car it includes:

Truss Rod adjustment


Intonation (tuning specific)

Clean and oil fret board

Light polish of frets

Cleaning of the body and neck

Tightening all lose bolts and screws

Set up for tremolo $65 + Strings

Basic set up + bridge adjustment

Set up for floyd rose $75 + Strings

Basic set up + bridge adjustment

Diagnose electronic problem $30 (applied to cost repairs)

Installation of tuning machines $10-$30 (does not include the tuning machines)

Pickguard install $25 to $50 Pick-up install $30. $12 for each additional pick-up.  $10/hole if drilling is required

*The following prices include standard parts Output jack $20 for regular mono or stereo

$30 for flush mount

Potentiometer (volume or tone) $25

Push/Pull Potentiometer $35

3-way switch $30

5 position selector switch $40

Cleaning dirty points $10/point