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New students can take a free guitar lesson online or in person. If I’m not right for you, I’ll help you find a resource that is. Most people come to me overwhelmed by the volume of online guitar lesson videos. They feel stuck, unable to reach the next level, and not sure how to get results. I can show you what the pros focus on when choosing a practice routine.


I’ve spent 15 years teaching beginners, professionals, kids, and adults how to play guitar. I’ve done group lessons, master classes, videos, books, and CDs. Most of the time, I can tell what to recommend a student by the end of the first music lesson.


Whether it’s 1 on 1 here in Southern Colorado or live online, guitar lessons are tailored to your individual strengths and personal goals. I know everyone learns differently and at their own pace. Help me by defining your goals and I’ll help you achieve excellent musicianship! You choose the songs & I’ll guide you every step of the way.


Get help fine tuning your set. Learn to manage stress, anxiety, and stage fright. Let me help you avoid all the mistakes I made! A lot of guitar teachers can show you an Em. I’ll go the extra mile and tell you what to buy at the dollar store to make setup and tear down quicker.


Learn music theory from the songs you pick!


Bad weather? Not in Southern Colorado? Skype me!


Students who express an interest in learning music qualify to receive a free e-book. No strings attached!

faq: frequently asked questions

How does it work? Everyone is different. Most students come once a week for a half hour.

Where do you teach? Teaching guitar online & from home allows me to keep prices low. I’m 5 minutes from exit 71 on I-25 in Rye CO. Roughly 30 min from Pueblo & 40 from Pueblo West, & Cañon City. Skype, FaceTime, & Google Hangouts are available for out of town students or during bad weather. Skype has the best video quality.

How much does it cost? Your first lesson is FREE. Plan on staying for an hour the first time. After that, $25/half-hour lesson. Month to month. No contracts.

Can beginners take lessons? Absolutely! It’s actually the fastest path to mastery because students who never formed bad habits will only have to learn things once!

How do I get started? Call me! Every student gets a digital profile with personalized lesson plans, a customized routine, and online resources (E-book, videos, etc). To build that, though, I need to find out about you and your goals first.

About Guitar Teacher
Sergio Paulo


usic is a language of the soul. It has allowed me to connect with people on much deeper levels than any other language could. I am convinced a master guitarist could explain the color purple to someone born blind. I am blessed to experience the world thru music and LOVE sharing that joy with others. When a shy, soft spoken kid stands up straight, smiles ear to ear, looks the audience in the eye, and rips shred I get so pumped. It’s like a butterfly just emerged from its cocoon!

In my early years of teaching (2004), I noticed the blues teacher’s students eventually started wearing blues shirts to their lessons. The metal teacher’s students started wearing metal shirts to their lessons. I knew then, I want my students to “wear the shirts” of the artists THEY like.

As a performer and technician since 1995, I’ve worked and played shows with Jason Mraz, the guys from Weezer, The Flobots, Filter, and countless more. As a child, I trained classically and then in college I studied all the great composers. However, I don’t consider these achievements to be what sets me apart as a guitar instructor. I wasted years of my life ‘noodling’ and not knowing how to reach the next level. After much trial and error, I now pride myself on constructing music lessons that teach students how to practice effectively and attain actual results. I hope no one has to go through what I did.

student reviews
rock guitar teacher
  • Best instructor ever! He’s the most patient, kind, and laid back dude I’ve ever met. His knowledge of guitars, equipment, and troubleshooting and the way he explains them is amazing.

    Jameson Price
    Jameson Price Bass & Guitar
  • He even helps me with tightening up my live performances. I can’t recommend him enough as a teacher. If you want someone that genuinely cares about you and your progression as a musician Sergio is a great choice

    Marcos Ayala
    Marcos Ayala Songwriter
  • I was pretty surprised at how well I progressed in only a few months. The practice techniques he gives you are fun and efficient, not to mention always directly related to whatever new song or lick you’re working on

    Jacob Owens
    Jacob Owens Guitar
How to reach me


6601 Pickney Rd, Rye, CO 81069


(720) 483-9369